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DANVILLE, PA; A frantic woman behind a 911 call that was later traced back to a Danville home claimed that her and her live-in boyfriend had been fighting and possibly calling it quits so when he promised to come home and gave her the run around for the past three days she got up and went back and forth putting the rest of her stuff from her and her now ex-fiance's home off Church Streeet in Danville. The woman, known to be Ashlee Fenstermacher originally from Berwick, PA, had called only for a few seconds for 911 dispatchers to hear something was wrong, locate her location, and heard that she was being heald at knife point on her way to her car then hear dd an angry male's voice and the phone line clicked off. When police finally arrived to the scene, they were puzzled and weren't sure of the victem's identity at that point but a missings persons report would later piece the puzzle togetehr and have a potential crime scene which investigators beleive looks like foul play. Here's what the police report said happened; After a scared and frantic woman dialed 911 and they heard an altercation and mentioning of a kidnapping they traced the location back outside a live in and possibly engaged couple's home in Danville. They had been fighting but the front door had been left unlocked which was sadi to be unusual and almost all personal belongings even some electronics were missing from the house but police couldn't get ahold of the vicetem's boyfriends whom was the main name on the house's lease at that time to figure out if anything might have been stolen. It would be a few hours before they find out more information about who and what exactly might have happened. The back door leading to the back porch had been left slightly ajar and the screen door wide open; but most disturbing of all, the potential victem's belongings had been scattered on the porch and even some personal items had been thrown astray and left on the ground. Police also had found signs of a break in which a torn window screen and open window and also disturbing; missing knives and definite signs of a struggle right by the scattered belongings. To cooberate what the 911 dispatchers and when police questioned the neighbors and people located on the same block (which was difficult due to the work week and since it was late afternoon and work hours), they found one witness, a neighbor several houses down on the same block had seen and heard a woman screaming for help. But it wasn't unusual that they said the couple would argue loudly and when police looked into it they found the local Danville police had indeed visited the residence due to domestic disturbences. Another call had actually been made to the Danville police about the very disturbence this Friday afternoon but by the time they got there; nobody was home and were met by the State Police about the 911 call. The neighbor had also said from his back porch, he had been smoking and seen what looked like the woman walking out from the back porch with her belongings in a suitcase and a few other bags when two young men, one coming from behind her shortly after and one coming from the basement had approached her. The one from the basement seemed startled and looked around before yelling at her in a 'very controlling tone of voice'. The other man pulled something from his pocket but being a few houses away the neighbor could barely make out the scene let alone the alledged intruders were bundled up with hats on and it was hard to pick out details about what they exactly looked like. The girl became frantic at first when she seen the two men and also looked scared or startled and pulled out her cellphone and looked like she was calling somebody. However when the man behind her pulled something from his pocket and what police are sure was most likely a weapon of some sort she then quieted down. The man took her phone and seemed to lead her away but was careful not to let anybody see what he had behind her back. However, the young men did not know somebody had been watching the suspicious scene and soon after called police about the distubence. Being the only witness, it was hard to come up with a motive and possible investigation. Police were not even sure who the girl could have been..along with the two men. But hours later, her mother called filing a missing peronss report claiming her daughter had talked to her the day before and was very upset about a possible break up and her fiance 'leaving and abandoing her and ignoring her for going on two days. She said 'her daughter claimed he waited for her to leave that morning and when she came back he had taken all his stuff and even some of her stuff he bought her. She was in a very bad state of mind and possibly suicidal being hospitalized while this had been going on and was very worried.' She also said; 'Her daughter had gotten sick of him lying to her and giving her a run around about coming back so she packed up and left only to fall for the story he told again and go back to stay thinking he was on his way.' By day three, she finally seemed to get the rest of her stuff but on her way out is when investigators believe the crime and break in happened. When her mother haden't heard back from her daughter after over a day, she got worried and called police. After seeing a photo they had showed the neighbor and he had said that it looked very much like the victem that had been seemingly kidnapped outside the house earlier that day. Text records confirm her fiance claimed to be on his way hoe multiple times to her but when he never showed up after days went by of him saying the same thing and the conversations they had had before Ashlee stopped texting back. The last thing her texts had said was chilling and police believe she may have hit a microphone button on the phone in which it somehow was sent to her estranged fiance; "Who the **** are you are you in South Stop get away from me"; which left everybody including her fiance very confused. However forensic analysis in the communications department specializing in incidents such as these broke down what she could have been saying and it was a definite the microphone had been on which was a voice to text option on her iPhone and it got sent accidently to her fiance. The experts say she most like meant; "Who the *** are you? Why are you in this house? Stop! Get away from me!" Unfortunately, due to autocorrect the the speech to text app not being very effective at times and accurate with some voices or words it had been altered from what she had been trying to orginally say. It would be hours later by the time they had discovered all this new information and finally piece together who exactly the victem was and what possibly happened. Trying to trace her cellphone's location, police say they have an accurate location but have claimed it most likely to have been abandoned adnd left there on purpose by the purpetrators so the phone could not trace back to her or their location possibly giving them up. The phone's location had been there for hours and had not moved and when they did find it they were right; someone had thrown it in the bushes by a local supermarket. Even her car full of her belongings was still parked outside of the house she stayed in leading police to assume the intruders had their own vehicle or a get away ride. All other evidence gathered was taken into police custody for more research and analysis. Ashlee Fenstermacher has yet to be found and police had filed a missing persons report which they are taking very seriously but wlill not relae any information about the possibly kidnapping that took place earlied. This is all the information they can relay and will not verify if they are making a case or if it is just a missing persons. Even her parentis scared and left in the dark. Her fiance has yet to be notified and reached in which her parents said they would try to work on. If anybody has any other known information, seen any suspicious activity or anything else that could possibly be related or help this investigation, please notify the police or call 911 right away. So far a missings persons report has been made for Ashlee Fenstermacher. Below is a recent picture of the victem: If anybody has seen any stranged activity by the house even before today or recently or if anybody sees Ashlee Fenstermacher please contact authorities immediately! She may be in very big trouble and each second that goes by matters...Police had questioned the neighbors and every other house on the that block but most people were not home due to the work days...They only have little information and leads to go on so are relying on the community for help. Police are working on tracking the victem's cellphone but say based on the targeted location it may have just been dumped sice there had been no movement on it..This article will be updated based on the future information.

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